I am a Creative….

Hello Friends! I am Allyson and I am a “Creative”. I did not even know that the word “creative” could be used in that manner until this very year. It’s the same way an educator states “I am a teacher” or a law enforcement professional states “I am a police officer”. It feels so right to have a word to describe what I am.

I have been creative since I can remember. For the first five years of my life, I was an only child. So my dolls and toys all lived outrageous and vivid lives, names and back stories included. Throughout my elementary school days, I LOVED to read, which turned in to a love of writing my own stories. I also took dance, and once I mastered the basics, I loved making up my own routines. So since I can remember, I have been dreaming and trying to bring to life the things I saw in my mind.

For the life of me though, I cannot remember exactly when that creativity turned to visual arts and crafts. I remember coloring as a child, but it wasn’t my favorite. I’m a little impatient, and back then a little bit of a perfectionist. The two didn’t mix. I colored outside the lines because I was impatient, and then was frustrated because it wasn’t perfect.

I ran through the gamut of crafty hobbies throughout high school. I feel like the first creative outlet that I actively decided to pursue was baking. I liked to bake things, which turned in to cake decorating. I had the whole Wilton set of tips and colors. When that didn’t work out, I dabbled in jewelry making. Then it was scrap-booking followed by sewing. None of those stuck. Now I know it is because they are tedious and time consuming, which doesn’t fit my personality. I am just better suited to binge watch 15 second videos of other people decorating cakes on Instagram!

At 15, I started working at a local pharmacy/gift shop. At the time, my career aspiration was to become a pharmacist (yet another tedious thing I should have known was not for me!). It was there that I gained my love for creating and displaying products. When the shop owner purchased an adjoining florist,  I learned to tie bows and make wreaths. That was when I fell in love with all things floral and ribbon related. I was able to hone my skills and create to my hearts content for six years.

I truly loved working in that industry, but never really thought I could turn it into a career. The saddest thing about my journey through all different crafts and hobbies, is that no one ever suggested that once I found my calling in floral design, that it could be anything other than a hobby. Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of people who supported my love of design. The general consensus was that what I was doing was not a career worth pursuing. I was encouraged to do the practical thing, pursue a “non-creative” career.

So I quit my job when I graduated college and pursued a traditional career in higher education. I love what I do, I truly have a passion for helping students determine what their goals and dreams are. But I found myself missing, even craving my old creative outlets. That craving led to the first incarnation of my business back in 2012, and it all ultimately leads me here today, owner of Olde Grove Designs. I am here today to say, this is a creative business. Not just a hobby.

I am a lover of ribbon and flowers and making beautiful things out of unexpected materials. I am here to embrace that descriptor of “creative” and hopefully in turn inspire others creatively. I want to help those who think they aren’t creative realize that they are! I want to help those that are creative but aren’t sure what to do with that creativity. So while I hope to use this platform to share vintage finds, decor trends and D.I.Y. projects, I also hope to use it as a place for creatively inspiring others! So I hope you will join me on this journey of embracing that term “creative”.



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