Nautical Wreath Tutorial

I am gift giver. I love to carefully select gifts for people based on their personality and interests. I think many people severely underestimate the power of a well thought out gift!

So, when we decided we would rent the same house on the Core Sound in North Carolina for vacation this year, I knew I wanted to leave a “thank you” for the owners. Last year, we decided at the last minute to take a vacation on the Outer Banks. We were looking for something dog friendly, and had a hard time finding a place to meet all of our specifications. Eventually our search led us to a “Pet Friendly, Waterfront Property”, the only problem being it wasn’t on the actual Outer Banks and it was in the middle of no where. We decided to take the leap and rent it anyway.

View from the dock 

We were so glad we did! I mean, look at that view! We had our own private dock, where we spent much of our vacation. We loved it, and our doxie mix Maggie loved it as well! She would lead us right out the door and straight down the dock, stand at the very edge over the water, and just let the wind blow back her ears!

Maggie, enjoying the dock


The owners were the sweetest and more hospitable than some of the best hotels I have stayed at. We talked about the “dock” all year long, and it was a no brainer to visit again!

I brought my craft supplies along this year to make a wreath to match the coastal decor in the home to leave as a gift. I had ribbon, flowers, glue, paint, all the works to make a wreath. Except, I realized a little too late that I had forgotten to bring my grapevine wreath form. The closest craft store or even Wal mart is over an hour away. I stopped at a dollar store, the last chain store within 30 miles of our rental. Luckily, I found a wire wreath form and came up with a plan B.


  • Wire wreath form
  • 10 inch mesh
  • Jute/rope
  • Ribbon of your choice in 2-3 colors/patterns
  • Flowers (I used hydrangea and grass)
  • Nautical sign (optional, the wreath would be pretty without a sign)
  • Wreath making tools: wire cutters, scissors, and hot glue



I brought the mesh and the jute/rope with me. I purchased the 12 inch wire form and floral foam from the dollar store. (I actually ended up not using the foam.) I didn’t want to do a full mesh wreath, as I didn’t feel like that would fit the decor of the home.

So I wrapped the wreath form with the jute, to provide the base for the wreath. I tied the end of the rope to the form and began wrapping it tightly around the form.

Wreath form, half wrapped with rope

Once I got the wreath form fully covered, I tied piece of mesh on one side of the form with the rope. I tied it in two places, so that it was bunched in the middle.

Mesh added to the wreath form

I painted a seahorse sign earlier in the week with intentions of adding it to the wreath. I placed it on the right side. I tied it on and added some hot glue for security. I think the wreath would even be pretty without the seahorse, especially since it is wrapped in the rope.


I tied two bows in neutral tones and tied them on either side of the bunched mesh. I then added some flowers that I picked up from the dollar store behind each bow.

Isn’t it cute? It also ended up being very frugal! The ribbon, jute, and mesh I had on hand. The flowers, seahorse, and wreath form were all from different dollar stores. You could easily use this base for wreaths for other seasons as well!

We left the wreath for the homeowners to place where they would like. I cannot wait for our next visit to see where they placed it!

Seahorse Wreath


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